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K E Y  P E R S O N A L 


Co-founder, Marvin Job has been with the company since 1981 from it's conception. Over the years he has filled many positions from foreman, on-site supervisor, to project manager and controller for the company. His accounting skills enable him to see the entire scope of the project, resulting in tight control of expenses. He has experience in multi-unit residential buildings, industrial and commercial projects, construction of bridges, warehouses, pumping stations, reservoirs and multi-story office buildings.




In 1985, Steve Rempel joined MDM Construction. Since then he has held various roles from Carpenter to Foreman to Site Supervisor and as well as head Project Manager for all of our construction work. In 2013, Steve became a new Partner of MDM Construction Co. Ltd.  


We employ on a long-term basis, superintendents and foremen who have many years of experience in residential, industrial and institutional construction. 

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